Your superfans are the people most dedicated to your brand, the ones who read all your posts and check your channel every day in case you’ve dropped new content. They comment on your social media posts. When you launch a crowdfunding campaign, they’re the first to back and share with their friends.

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Superfans do for creators what creators do for sponsors: amplify their message. 90% of consumers trust word of mouth over advertising, so when they hear a friend is enjoying something they’re likelier to check it out than if they see an ad for it. Like Mark Zuckerberg says:

“People influence people. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.” - Mark Zuckerberg 

In terms of impact, superfans have a disproportionately large effect on profit, growth, and audience satisfaction. Consider these statistics:

  • 64.png64% of new fans for political blogs come from less than 5% of fans (the superfans).
  • 14.png14% of music fans are responsible for 34% of all music sales.

  • 64-1.png53% of superfans are willing to pay for exclusive content from their favorite creators.

Data picks your superfans out of the crowd

Finding your superfans is simple once you have access to enough data. You can identify fans using information like:

  • Social media interactions: How active are they on your page? How often do they like, comment, and share? How much time do they spend on your page? (You may need third party tools to find some of this since social media platforms won’t share all data.)
  • Mentions: Do they tag you in discussions on Twitter? Is it spontaneous (“Thought you would appreciate this”) or in response to your Tweets? Do they include you in Tweets with their friends and connections?
  • In-app behavior: How often do they log in? Do they invite friends to join them? Are they active on forums?
  • Purchasing habits: How many of your campaigns have they backed? Do they buy branded merchandise or join paid livestreams?

These are general indicators that a follower may be a superfan, but don’t guess what makes fans valuable. Let the data speak for itself. Using advanced segmentation powered by predictive analytics, you can uncover the specific traits among your followers that signify a superfan.

That data will also inform an intelligent profile of who your best fans are and how to attract more like them. If you have your own app, put your intelligent profile to work by automatically sorting new users as they come in. Target potential high-value followers with extra attention

  • Social media followbacks
  • Callouts during live-streams
  • Comment replies
  • Likes and shares of superfan posts

Owning your data makes finding superfans easier

There is something limiting your ability to identify your superfans. Data works best at volume, and social media platforms don’t share all their data. They generally only share traffic, not data that provides a deeper insight into your fanbase. On the bright side Instagram is piloting a data sharing program, but other platforms haven’t shown signs of following suit.

Creators with their own custom app have an edge in the data department. Using a custom content platform ensures you have the data you need to put a name to your superfans. You can decide what is and isn’t important for yourself. Plus, fans are more willing to share with a trusted creator than with an entire social media platform. That could get you access to better data than the platforms!

Take care of your superfans (because they take care of you)

Superfans are attracted by relationships. Creator-follower interaction is essential to nurturing their enthusiasm. You can’t give your superfans attention if you don’t know who they are, though. Make identifying them a priority and you’ll reap the rewards of higher engagement and faster growth.

Do you need more access to your fan data? Talk to FanHero about building your own custom content platform!

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