Is it possible to get everything you want from one platform?

Social media seems all-powerful, like LutherCorps, but it can’t do everything. For a long time creators have been juggling multiple platforms for all the content they want to share with their followers. Now that’s changing. Celebrity and creator apps are more popular than ever, and they just might be social media’s Kryptonite. What can they do that social media can’t?

Consolidate your content

Cross-platform strategy is popular because it lets creators access different toolsets and reach new audiences. However, it scatters content across the internet. Fans have a hard time finding all your content; even subscribers can miss posts due to newsfeed algorithms.

The result is an inconsistent online image. Creators either need to accept that some fans won’t understand inside jokes and references or repost the same material on every platform (which is a fast way to annoy superfans).

A custom mobile app puts all your content in one place. Fans never miss new posts, and it’s easy to find old favorite videos. Apps appeal to new fans, too, giving them a simple way to get caught up on your content.

Offer more than videos and pictures

Social media offers photos, video, and text - and that’s basically it. Fans can talk to each other in comments, or on fan pages, but there isn’t an easy way to promote regular dialogue. Though Facebook has been testing some community features, their “solution” involve joining not only a fan page but also a fan group within that page. It’s unnecessarily complicated. Plus, users have complained that these mini-groups blow up their inboxes every day.

Instagram is working on offering more interactive features, too. The platform said they want to encourage conversation, but they’ve made no solid announcements yet. It could take a while; Instagram is notoriously slow to add features. They still haven’t finished rolling out the Archive feature to all users and that was announced in June.

On a creator app, influencers can share whatever they want. Blog posts? Check. Videos and photos? Easy. GIFs, custom emoji and stickers? There’s a place for them, too. Some creators even offer tutorials, “favorites” lists, and behind-the-scenes extras from the making of their other content. Whatever digital goodies creators want to share can be put into an app.

Get full access to your data

The biggest weakness of social media is data sharing. Platforms only share what they want. They’re under no legal obligation to share more, and they can change their minds at any time.

What they do share is mostly traffic statistics. Traffic isn’t the most helpful metric when trying to segment fans and build intelligent profiles. It will signal whether a post is unpopular, but doesn’t offer insight as to why fans don’t approve.

Creator custom apps offer a full and transparent look into the data generated by their content. Creators have access to all data that fans share or create, so they can decide what is and isn’t important. Better yet, fans are more likely to share data with their favorite creators than with an entire social media platform.

A Modern Tool for Social Media Supercreators

Social media has its advantages, but it just can’t hold up to the freedom of expression offered by custom creator apps. Make a creator app the center of your digital Metropolis and your engagement will soar up, up, and away!

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