Are you getting frustrated with the limitations of social media?

If you’re like most creators, you want more than social media can offer. Creators are starting realize how much control and profit they give up to the big platforms. Now, though, there’s a new hope: custom apps. Apps give creators the options they can’t find on social media. Read on for the three biggest areas where apps have social media beat.


Social media holds most of the control over content and data. Platforms can put any type of ad near your posts. They only share the data they want to, even though it’s your posts making the data in the first place. If it serves their purposes, they can use or even delete your content without prior warning.

Custom apps offer creators complete power over their content. You choose what ads are shown and who your brand will be associated with. Plus, you never have to worry about losing content to platform censors.

Besides content control, apps provide full access to the data generated by creator content. Data brings you closer to your followers. Having more than page traffic statistics makes it easier to judge post performance and gives you a better view into fan behavior. You can leverage that knowledge into choosing more suitable sponsors and advertisers.

As an added feature, you can secure your app data to protect followers from data breaches. The platforms can’t offer that level of control; you have to accept the security risk posed by being tied to a much larger target.


Last year’s Adpocalypse was a wake-up call. No longer can creators rely on ad sharing from social media as a steady source of income. Now, they have to find other ways to monetize.

Ad revenue from an app is more reliable than platform ad sharing. Creators can’t get demonetized by the platform because they control the platform. They choose the ad structure and negotiate with sponsors if there is a dispute. That isn’t normally a risk, though. Advertisers choose you for the kind of content you post, so it’s less likely they will pull support.

You can get better sponsorship deals on an app, too. Custom data management tools translate into a more targeted and engaged audience. Sponsors are attracted to engagement, and they appreciate your ability to track the performance of their promotions through your app dashboard. These extra features you can offer advertisers add value to you as an influencer marketing partner.

Of course, there are more ways to monetize with an app than simply selling ad space. Creators have generated impressive income through:

  • Pay-per-view live streams
  • Exclusive merchandise in an in-app store
  • Premium digital content

In shorts, your options are limited only by your creativity.


There’s a finite number of ways to connect with fans on social media. You can share posts, videos, and photos or read comments.

That’s basically it. Because your page is public, there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect or present a specific image.

With an app you become part of your followers’ daily routines. App users have already supported you enough to download, and that vote of confidence can be enough to take your content to the next level. Build your community with features like:

  • Intimate app-only live-streams
  • Custom digital content (emoji, stickers, and more)
  • Behind the scenes videos or pictures
  • Push notifications about new content

Creator app tools help facilitate interaction, too. You can identify superfans for extra attention, or set up a message to send those who haven’t been as active. With social media, those people would just fall out of your fandom.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true

Apps put the full power of the internet back in your hands. Don’t keep clinging to a single-platform strategy. Reach out and embrace the New Hope: custom apps!

Are you worried that a custom app is outside your budget? You might be pleasantly surprised! Reach out to FanHero to discover just how many options you have!

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